Our Mission

Our mission at Safer Family Alliance is to help families better prepare for unthinkable events. Whether first aid and CPR medical emergencies or evacuating from a wildfire or storm, we are dedicated to getting you the right information, the right skills and the best products on the market. 

Our mission extends beyond human emergencies. Visit our sister company, Safer Family Pets to learn how you can keep your pets safe and healthy.


We are an approved ECSI Education Center. All certifications are in accordance to ECSI Certification standards.

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Who We Are

Kimberlee Leonard, a former financial advisor and insurance agent, founded Safer Family Alliance after her own personal experience learning just how important being prepared is. When her son was 2, he suffered a seizure in a crowded Los Angeles deli.  At the time, Kimberlee had no idea what was happening let alone what to do, fearing she had witnessed the worst thing imaginable, helplessly losing her son.  Fortunately, her cries for help brought both a nurse and a doctor to her son’s aid.

This experience, along with her daily experiences as an insurance agent humbled her to know that we are all at risk and we all need to do a better job to prepare.  Kimberlee founded Safer Family Alliance after years of community service, providing emergency prep workshops.  With a particular affinity for discussing difficult topics in a disarming and entertaining way, Kimberlee’s biggest desire is to help families prepare for worst so they can live life with their family to the fullest.

Today, Kimberlee speaks to organizations and schools to help them better prepare for the worst-case scenarios.