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Everyone knows they need to have an emergency plan and be prepared for disasters.  Whether it’s checking the smoke detectors regularly or installing the baby’s car seat properly before leaving the hospital, there is a lot to do. Emergency preparation saves lives so let’s make those you love safer.  Plus being prepared can save you money – because even minor property losses are costly. Learn how you can be prepared with our simple guide.


We often don’t plan for worst-case scenarios and emergencies because we don’t like to think about it, we don’t have the time, or we just forget.  This is why Safer Family Alliance works with you to create and customizes a plan for your family. Once the emergency plan is designed, we get the right products orders and sent directly to you so you don’t have to add another chore to your to-do list in an effort to be prepared.


The best products, resources, and access to trained professionals and industry leaders to help you and your family stay safer in all situations. From car seat safety, CPR and First Aid, and emergency preparedness, Safer Family Alliance and Safer Family Pets are here to empower everyone in the family to keep each other safe and healthy. We’ve done the research so you can have the confidence that everything is ready when you need it.

When an emergency strikes, be prepared. Purchase a Ready Made or Customized Kits. Purchase yours today for home, work or commuting.