Everyone knows they need to plan and prepare.  Whether its checking the smoke detectors regularly or installing the baby’s car seat properly before leaving the hospital.  Facts are simple: preparation saves lives.  So let’s make those you love safer.  Plus being prepared can save you money – because even minor losses are costly.


While we all know we need to plan for those worst case scenarios, we often don’t because we don’t like to think about it, we don’t have the time, or we just forget.  This is why Safer Family Alliance comes to you, and simply customizes a plan for your family. We bring safety to you and make sure it’s done correctly so you can go on and enjoy life knowing you are prepared!


Through our tight alliances we provide:

  • CPR and First Aid Training for infants, children and adults.
  • Learning how to keep elderly family members safe with Fall Prevention systems.
  • Baby Proofing consultations to make sure pools, cabinets and all other details of danger are address for your curious little one.
  • Keeping pets safer and learning what to do in common Pet First Aid situations.
  • Car Seat Installation done by a certified technician.
  • Home Emergency Planning and supply  inventories.

When an emergency strikes, be prepared. Purchase a Ready Made or Customized Kits. Purchase yours today for home, work or commuting.