AED Devices

Thank you for your interest in the Safer Family Alliance AED Grant Program.

Currently, we are accepting applications for AED Devices for schools, churches and organizations.

Please fill out the eForm at the bottom of this page.

If you have any further questions, contact us by phone at 818.270.8820 or email



Safer Family Alliance works with several organizations providing grants. Although each organization may have their own grant application form to complete in most instances you will need to present a written proposal. A written proposal should include the following:

  • Summary: One page describing your need and intent of use.
  • Statement of need: Detailed explanation of the community needs.  Tell us why your organization is a great fit for our programs. Use facts with as many verifiable details as possible.
  • Program Description: Implementation is key.  Where will the AED be installed?  Who in the organization will receive training?  What is the plan to maintain the program and ensure all supplies are updated regularly.
  • Budget: Numbers are important.  How does the AED fit into your overall budget and what funding is available to this program.
  • Conclusion: Summarize why this is important to your organization.

If you have community partners, have them write a letter in support as well.



AED Grant Form

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